The unknown «hero ingredient» your joints will love

The following is a very short email.


Plain and simple.

If you suffer from joint pain such as for example osteoarthritis and you haven’t found any supplements that work yet, allow us to tell you why…

You see, a lot of these supplements are synthetically developed lab drugs that don’t make a difference what so ever…

In many cases it’s because they lack the crucial, natural ingredients that can help you relieve your pain flares…

One of these, our «hero» ingredient is called Palmitoylethanolamide – or simply PEA. 

PEA is a cannabimimetic compound that acts on cannabionoid receptors. It’s also an analgesic, which means it relieves pain. And it’s an anti-inflammatory ingredient.

PEA is our multifaceted hero, the ground pillar in your journey to a pain-free life and is the very reason why we Believe that [REDACTED] is the beginning of the end of your pain struggles.

To begin your true hero’s pain-free journey, click here:



There you go. Short and sweet. To the point. Right at it. No beating around the bush or trying to drag on forever using empty filler words. Instead, I’m all about efficiency and getting to the point known as fast as possible.

Sometimes that means simple and easy to understand, direct emails.

Where I just go ‘in’ and then ‘out’ like nothing has happened.

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