Cure prostate problems and hair loss at once?

One of the biggest issues that men face as they age are prostate problems. So, here we go again with another prostate email.



Well yes, simply because of a little thing called DHT blocker. Or, rather, [REDACTED]. That is the key ingredient here. 

Saw Palmetto reduces the flow of DHT in your bloodstream. DHT is short for DiHydroTestosterone which in short is a sex hormone. DHT is derived from testosterone which is present at a much higher level in men than in women. 

DHT and other sex hormones are responsible for body hair growth, penis growth, a deeper voice and certain other male biological functions. 

But, once DHT  starts freely flowing around in your blood stream, it may connect with receptors on hair follicles on your scalp so that you may go bold. 

As well as being responsible for an enlarged prostate. 

Which causes all kinds of problems like frequent toilet visits a night, no sex life, pelvic pain and overall a miserable life. 

However, using [REDACTED] can remove all of your prostate issues in as little as two weeks. 

As one of our customers puts it; 

‘Well, I decided to try this stuff and within a day, believe it or not as I really couldn’t, the pain started to subside little by little and after a week it is almost gone. NO DOCTOR! NO DRUGS!!! NO MORE WORRY!!!! I really can’t believe it. But the colon/stomach/groin pain was really worrisome and is almost gone. I have no doubt that this product is responsible as it could be nothing else.’

Just keep in mind that customer testimonials aren’t the same things as doctor’s recommendations. Always check with a medical professional before you take any health product. 

To start a new and better prostate life, simply go here:



And that’s it. Short, educational, somewhat entertaining and I also snuck in a customer testimonal there.

In hindsight I felt it was necessary to emphasize the need to always go check with your doctor before taking any drugs. Especially since I’m no medical professional.

However, I’m an email copywriter, and if you like this email, sign up for my email list where I’ll be dropping way more emails down the stretch.

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