31 I-words you shouldn’t ignore…

Got to make the headlines a little intriguing. If you compose a word out of a letter, then a hyphen and ‘word’, it usually means something inflammatory or even offensive. Hence why this headline will draw attention.

You just have to find out what that word really is…


We are talking about Ingredients, in case you were wondering. 

And, specifically, why you shouldn’t go without [REDACTED] , because it contains Vitamin C + 30 other vitamins, minerals and time-tested herbs to support your body’s natural defenses. 


We’ve had this discussion before, but it’s necessary to repeat it again because it’s so important. 

Most people, when they are sick, they go see a doctor. 

The doctor then issues them a prescription for some obscure synthetic lab tested drugs. 

Or, they may not even go to the doctor and get some shady over-the-counter medicine that supposedly will help them. 

Hopefully they heal fully. 



What if they had made it a daily habit to take [REDACTED], thereby getting a daily dose of Vitamins A, C and D, respectively? 

For one, they wouldn’t have to worry too much about getting all the necessary nutrients through their diet, because so many of them are found in this supplement. 

That’s of course not to say they should slack on their diet, but a lot of the necessary nutrients they’d need, could be found in [REDACTED]. 

Next, they’d have an increased immune system that would have helped them battle a lot of common conditions like for example the annual flu and cold, thanks to Vitamin C. 

And not to go overboard, but did you know that according to Healthline, Vitamin A can be associated with lowering the risk of getting certain cancers? 

Simply put, if you treasure your health, you’ll treasure [REDACTED]. 

Go here to get it:



Apart from toning down any claims, my intention had also been to actually offer anyone who was interested in the Vitamin A claim, the link to the actual site. So just to sort out all the litigation, here it is in all its glory:


Read and study it on your own.

Apart from that, notice how I again make the reader aware that when they go see their doctor, it’s kind of late, because they’re already sick and their body has started the healing process. But if they had prepared their body for outer attacks in advance, they may not have become sick at all.

You never know…

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