3 reasons to drink this joint juice!

And now we’re exploring something new here, a joint juice! Not joint pills or any powder, but a simple joint juice. Read to find out how I’d advertise for this product.


Let’s get right to it. 

Here are three customer testimonials about [REDACTED] that clearly show you all the benefits of drinking this juice. 

Names have of course been redacted and these are but excerpts. 

However notice what they all say about what happens when they stop taking it:

‘Excellent. My elderly mom noticed her whole body started aching and crackling when we run out of this.

I felt my knees climbing stairs – but not since 1 bottle of this a day.’

‘Bought this for my fiancée about 6 months ago for his achy knees and back. After about 5 days he started noticing a difference and after 2 weeks felt great! Forgot to order it one time and after 3 days without his joint juice, his aches and pains started to return.’

‘The joint juice works better than the pills. I’ve been using it for around 10 years for arthritis pain. Last year the doctor made me go off of it for 8 weeks while I had my hip replaced. The knee pain got worse until I was able to go back on it. One week after I started back on the joint juice, my knee pain got much better.’

Really, what more is there to say? 

You may even suggest that pills work better.

Well, according to the last testimonials, they don’t.

And, think about the following. for a second. 

Now you don’t have to go around and plan on when to take your daily pills, whether you should mix it with your dinner, swallow it with a glass of water right before you go to bed, and so on. 

Instead you can sit down and relax and drink from a bottle of tasty [REDACTED] like it would be any ordinary soft drink!

Just sign up for a monthly subscription and crates of bottles of delicious [REDACTED] will be delivered right to your front door. 

Go here to order:



And there you have it. Since the product didn’t offer much in terms of information like what kind of ingredients it contained and what many of those ingredients were responsible for doing, there wasn’t all that much to write about.

However, I simply decided to pull ‘the oldest trick in the book’ when it comes to advertising for a product – namely letting the customers do so. What better way, if you’re struggling with your joints, is there to read customer testimonials and especially those who talk about what happens when they stop taking the product!

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