Let’s talk about poo and sweat

Nice title, isn’t it? Perhaps some will be repelled, perhaps some won’t. Tune in and read about the nasty contents in this email.


One of the most disgusting sights I’ve ever seen was a man at a previous job that I had. 

That man was overweight and clearly the added weight made him hot. In every meeting he would start excessively sweating. 

Both in his face and on his back. Under his armpits also.

Underneath his shirt, he always wore a t-shirt. I won’t even begin to speculate how that t-shirt looked like, but you can probably imagine it yourself.

He was clearly uncomfortable and said himself that the did everything he could to lose the spar tyre around his waist and on his back. 

However, at lunch hour it became abundantly clear why he struggled with so much weight…

He ate NOTHING but almost PURE, processed carbohydrates. 

Slices of fine grained bread with peanut butter. Or some chocolate spread. Jam. And many other ingredients that were just loaded with carbohydrates. 

The worst part however, was how he always had to excuse himself to go to the restroom several times during a meeting. 

And, ever so often, he let go of a fart or two that reeked real bad…

His problem was, in addition to all the nasty, processed carbohydrates that his body absorbed, that he struggled with his digestion…

Which is a sign of lack of fiber! 

A lot of people who eat unhealthy and often don’t exercise enough, struggle with their digestive health. 

They often have to go to the restroom and when they do, they’re stuck inside their for an eternity….trying to squeeze out what little leavings their body has produced for them. 

Using [REDACTED], things can change for the better. 

[REDACTED] contains Psyllium Husk which is a fiber that’s associated with better digestive health. 

And as an added bonus, the psyllium fiber helps curb your appetite, so you feel less hungry between meals!

Go here to get it:



And there we have it. A simple email for a digestive health supplement. Personally, I’ve been suffering from the same thing, too.

Especially when I allow myself to indulge in processed carbohydrates too much. It is as if my stomach decides to cause disharmony in my body. Or that is, that disharmony has already been caused, and now my stomach is telling me why that was a bad idea.

And believe me, I’ve gone through my fair share of unpleasant restroom visits. It can all be attributed to eating a poor diet.

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