Why you don’t get rid of your depression

Yes, this is controversial, as is any email when it comes to selling a supplement against depression. But read on and be informed.


One of the biggest struggles people have in life is depression.

And especially, getting rid of their depression. It sounds so easy to say ‘just think happy thoughts and it’ll be all right!’ 

They make it sound like you can just decide to be happy and make all of the negativity go away.

Of course you know it ain’t that easy. If that were the case, way fewer people would have struggled with depression.

The solution is to see what really promotes good brain health and mood. 

What kind of neurochemical processes are responsible for cheering you up?

Well, turns out that [REDACTED] patented coffee arabica extract, which contains a neuroprotein called [REDACTED], can help boost your general brain health, prevent memory loss and general brain decay.

Not only that, but by adding an Extract from 5 different blueberry species, [REDACTED] also can encourage healthy aging, mood and brain function.

Which is EXACTLY what you need instead of paying thousands of dollars to have a shrink reflect your bad thoughts or ‘pretend’ you’re all smiles.

Your road to curing depression once and for all starts here:



Obviously, I could have gone with another story. I could have told the typical, either hypothetical or real-time story about a hard working single mom of four kids who struggles juggling her family life, job assignments and other obligations while also struggling to make ends meet financially.

I’m not a woman and I don’t have four kids, but I KNOW how it is to struggle financially and at the same time being bullied by your boss and having little money. It’s not fun. And yes, I felt genuine depression going through that period of my life.

But, people who are depressed don’t really care about others, they care about fixing the problem and wanting to feel better.

So why not introduce them to the likely way of doing so, by naming a vital neuroprotein that is associated with healthy brain activity?

Irrespective whether you personally feel depressed or not, here’s the link to signing up to my email list.

Totally depression-free!

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