Traditional medicine’s big error

So, here we go with a wellness product. Look how I do my best to not make any health related claims.


You know how nearly every time you go to the doctor and you get a prescription for any issue you have, you’ve already been struggling with that issue for quite a while?

Nothing seems to work, so you have to seek the medical knowledge of a doctor…

And here’s the big problem with most doctors and the school medicine system today;

It’s all about TREATING disease instead of PREVENTING it!

By the time you get to the doctor or the hospital, it’s already too late to PREVENT the condition from occurring.

You’ve already subjected your body to unnecessary amounts of stress and tension. Your balance is off and your body is in disarray!

That’s where [REDACTED] comes in.

Using [REDACTED] , an amino acid an a key inhibitory neurotransmitter, [REDACTED] may help support muscle relaxation and a serene and tranquil mind.

Exactly what you need to get that sensation of wellness during a hectic day.

Don’t let the whole world get to you, instead do what you can to prevent stress from eating you up.

Go here to help your body battle those overwhelming feelings of muscle tension and stress;



First off, notice how I in the subject line (or headline here), write a big controversy filled with contrast. Medicine isn’t supposed to be erroneous, it’s supposed to be working. It’s what you take to heal. Which is what will make the prospect stop and read. Thereby I create curiosity.

Next, I go out of my way to ensure that I don’t make any health related claims and even in the comparison with going to the doctor, I don’t discourage people to go see their doctor (I’d never do that), I just simply state the fact than when most people already start taking medicine, their issues have already begun.

Which is why they should use this wellness product to prevent muscle tension and a stressful day.

After all, we don’t want stress in our lives, do we?

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