The Weight Loss No-No

Another day, another weight loss story.



Here’s a true story about myself; 

Once upon a time I struggled with lots of excess fat around my waist. The “spare tyre” had grown so big, my t-shirts were starting to feel extremely tight. 

I could hardly wear sweaters or shirts indoors because I’d pretty quickly get these horrible sweat stains on both my back and under my armpits. And the reeking sweat odor was anything but pleasant. Especially not in meetings. 

So, I started losing weight by eating less. I tried fasting, I tried keto, I tried low-carb, I tried all kinds of stuff. And although I lost a lot of weight, I also lost something else…

…namely my energy, my focus, my drive and my overall happiness. I’d become lean and skinny, and much of my fat was gone. 

But so were my muscles! I’d in fact lost a lot of muscle mass which meant I felt like a weak little kid going to the gym. 

I’m not saying this is a completely wrong way of losing weight. You should probably measure calories and watch what you eat, especially when it comes to certain foods. 

However, if I could have done it again, I’d be open to try [REDACTED] which contains a key weight loss ingredient called [REDACTED], which has been shown in not one, but TWO studies to be efficient when it comes to weight loss. 

A lot of weight loss supplements don’t have one study to refer to, and certainly not two! 

Instead of wasting your time with diets that may never work, try [REDACTED] instead, right here:



This is 100% true, every word of it. In fact, I remember several people commenting on my bodily physique as they saw how I dropped down in weight and commented how “tiny” I’d become. For some reason that annoyed me a lot. As a man, I’d like to feel and be big and strong, certainly not tiny.

However, they were absolutely right, and I had little energy for certain periods of my time. In fact, it could go up to 24 hours inbetween meals for several days in a row. Some people do that and it works for them. It did not particularly work well for me. Two meals a day though worked.

Again, I’m being honest about it and perhaps you’d be fine losing weight, fat and muscle the way I did.

I certainly wasn’t.

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