Vitamin Breakthrough!

Just a little fun experimenting with wordplays today;


Just in case you wondered, that was a wordplay on Vitamin B.

Or really, Vitamin Brain. 

Because, increased brain function is namely one of the benefits you can get from vitamin B.

Especially if someone close to you is starting to suffer from dementia or alzheimer’s. 

You see, many people who get any of these two conditions, have increased levels of homocysteine. 

This amino acid is being used by your body to make proteins. Which means it’s supposed to be broken down. But sometimes, there might be heightened levels of homocysteine, which can cause alzheimer’s or dementia.

Which is where [REDACTED] comes in – a vitamin B supplement which is both vegan and non-GMO based.

Don’t let dementia and Alzheimer’s get in the way of living a healthy life – click the link to start your Vitamin B journey today:



Except from the funny play on words which I probably could have taken to another level if I really wanted to, note how short and concise I am keeping these emails.

There’s no fluff. There are no filler words. No empty space. It’s all about making them want to buy the product as soon as possible. Especially if someone the reader knows has Alzheimer’s or Dementia. It’s very tough to see a loved one fade into oblivion, being devoured alive by this nasty disease. I’ve seen it. Not pleasant.

In short, why take up a lot of space if you don’t have to?

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