Does this secret make sharks weak animals?

Here’s a completely bizarre, random email that sticks out like a sore thumb and that has some entertainment linked to it. I bet you don’t see too many of these emails around.


You know The Great White Sharks and The Bull Sharks? 

They’re big, wild, ferocious animals that live in the ocean and that don’t mind eating a human or two, given the chance. 

Yet, to my knowledge, I think Great Whites kill perhaps 3 humans or so every 10 years. It might be more. Or it might be less. 

Apart from the fact that Great Whites need to swim constantly, otherwise they cannot breathe, did you know that they have no bones in their body….but rather cartilage?

Yes, that’s right!

These ferocious killers don’t have a single bone (biologists/zoologists/fish experts please prove me wrong!) in their body, yet that doesn’t stop them from being absolute masters of their domains. 

Apart from a nuclear submarine, who really can measure force with a Great White?

Certainly not the average human being. 

Yet, these fantastic animals are soft and flexible on the inside. I don’t know about you, but I certainly haven’t heard about any shark cartilage breaking. 

Which brings me to the rub of this email; 

If you want to have your own “shark cartilage” like bone structure which hardly breaks and that gives you that feeling of being nearly invincible so you don’t have to worry about your hips breaking or your ribs getting busted if you sneeze…

…then [REDACTD] which contains glucosamine and turmeric might just be what you need. 

Just don’t eat any humans. 

Click here to order:



As you can see, this email makes people think about sharks and how these, often perceived as big, strong, vicious killer animals actually have what could be perceived as a weaker skeleton than humans.

In fact, and I might write an email about this later, if you toughen your skeleton enough by subjecting it to brute force, you can make it so strong it can actually crush concrete blocks. There are people who use their knuckles to do that. Though they probably both have bones and cartilage to take care of that operation.

Anyway, this is just an email to distinguish myself a little bit. Making people think and remembering.

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