A scoop a day for silk soft skin?

Continuing with the woman targeted emails, this one is for a collagen peptide supplement with main emphasis on how hair, nails and skin benefit from the supplement.


I once knew a girl who struggled with just about everything;

Her skin was pale and looked like a ghost’s.

Her nails weren’t exactly dirty, but they had a very matte color, and appeared lifeless. It probably didn’t help that she bit her nails, but that was the least of her problems.

Her hair was always a mess.

Long, thin and sticky, the hairs would entangle themselves into these lumps with some hair fibres sticking out like a badly combed wig.

Of course that made her feel bad.

She wanted to look like the hot models with long, thick, vital hair, polished and shiny nails and that smooth and soft a silk skin. 

Like any girl wants!

Well, if she’d taken [REDACTED], just a scoop a day in her morning coffee, she might have had a shot…

Just saying.

Go here to see for yourself:



Confession: I assume that it’s only a scoop a day, because I’ve seen various commercials for other collagen supplements and all of them say it’s enough with a scoop a day, and nearly all use your target market’s morning coffee as an example.

If indeed I were tasked to write emails for this brand I’d do more extensive research to find out what precisely is recommended. That being said, this brand showed yet another video of someone who, you guessed, poured one scoop of the supplement into their morning coffee.

Also, the story is 100% real. I never invent stories. If I’d use a fictive character I’d begin the email with something like ‘Imagine that you XYZ….’. And then continue from there.

As usual, right to the pain point. No messing around.

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