Sneaky Little PMS Trick

An admission: I stole this email subject line from the late, great Eugene Schwarz’s “Sneaky Little Arthritis Trick”. It’s just a thing of beauty. Consider it my way to pay my respects to His Eternal Memory and to promote his works in the 21st century.

On to business;


You know what really sucks, and that you have to endure every month?

Yeah, that’s right…that time of the month when you start bleeding, your tummy gets bloated and your pelvics just start aching and it’s really bad.

Men don’t even have the slightest feeling of what it’s like, although they pretend they do…yet you have to suffer from it and pretend everything is okay.

Is there any wonder that your emotions go a little crazy now and then?

Well, here’s some good news for you!

Now you can «cheat» your way out of PMS and the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with it, using [REDACTED] that comes with thermally stabilized oxaloacetate.

This patented piece of biotechnological beauty is clincally proven in double-blinded, placbo controlled trials to relieve emotional PMS syndromes.

So now that you’re ready for your next period, you can tackle any challenge!

Just go here and try it out yourself:



Obviously, being a man I have no idea how having periods and PMS is like, so I decided to ask some female friends and colleagues of mine. So this is all fresh from a woman’s perspective, I’m just the middle man.

And this highlights an important aspect of copy. Understanding the market, and if you don’t, because you’re the other gender for example, well then you have to ask, don’t you? Doesn’t get more challenging than that.

No need to keep it long either, just right to the pain points and how to relieve them. Note the usage of double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trials. That should buy you some credibility.

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