Increase your weight loss by 50%!

Here’s yet another intriguing email.


Many weight loss supplements promise you all sorts of benefits, yet the results are disappointing.

In many cases, the reason why these weight loss supplements don’t work is because they simply contain water or some other ingredients that don’t work.

[REDACTED] is different in that it’s the only FDA-approved over-the-counter drug which speaks to its high levels of recognition.

Plus, [REDACTED] contains orlistat which blocks about 25% of the fat you eat from being absorbed into your body!

So now you can lose 5 pounds from diet alone and on top of that lose another 2-3 pounds from [REDACTED]!

That’s an extra 50% weight loss increase!

To get this vicious fat killer, go here:



The point of notice in this email is how I already assume that the reader wants a fat loss pill or supplement. I then highlight how so many other supplements are full of disappointments – they don’t make good on their promises.

By listing the “secret” to real fat loss – the ingredient orlistat, I argue why this supplement actually works. By saying that it is FDA-approved (which it is), I add credibility.

There is no reason to ramble on, I just get straight to the point. That’s what the reader is looking for anyway.

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