“Vagina’s on the way up”

An email template for a cranberry juice supplement without any names. Obviously the headline which serves as a subject line in this case is meant to attract attention.


That’s what she wrote to me the day after she’d started drinking cranberry juice for her UTI. 

And although I chuckled, since I hadn’t even met her yet and we were only messaging back and forth on social media, I felt great for her. 

Because she’d messaged me the day before saying how she, after having spent a night out on town with way too much beer and wine to drink, had managed to get her clothes soaked in red wine. 

Only to wake up the next day, having to wait outside in freezing cold temperatures for a taxi that apparently never showed up and getting a UTI as a result. 

The devil in me wanted to make fun of her for getting herself into that kind of trouble. 

But mocking someone with an embarrassing yet painful issue isn’t exactly my thing. Plus, you know, she was cute so I wanted to at least meet her in person. 

I wished her the best of luck, hoping that her UTI got better. 

It did. 

And the cranberry juice type?

I don’t know, but I do know exactly which supplement I’d recommend she’d take, since it contains the exact same as ordinary cranberry juice without sugar.

Here it is, in all its glory:



Some quick thoughts is that once again this is a real story and it never ceases to amaze me how direct girls can be in some settings, yet claim to be “offended” by whatever thing they disagree with or that puts them in a bad spot.

Again I intentionally didn’t use a name because I imagine this going out to a hot list of buyers who are already familiar with the product or do have this issue, in this case women with UTI, and they’d do just about anything to fix the problem.

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