Little drops of sunshine in a jar

Another sample email for a NAME REDACTED product.


Once there was this tiny little guy at school. 

He had no friends. He never smiled. Appeared depressed all the time. Never smiled. 

When he spoke, he spoke with a low, subtle voice. 

People had problems hearing him. 

Almost as if he were mumbling and didn’t want to talk. He always looked down and away from people when interacting with them. 

Often he complained that he felt weak. Fatigued. 

Like his muscles didn’t run 100%. He was also prone to getting muscle cramps all the time. 

Which was why he didn’t play football or any other physical activities. 

This naturally made him very sad and bitter. 

Which is no wonder, because he displayed so many symptoms of being vitamin D deficient. Muscle pain. Fatigue. Depression. General low-energy. 

Perhaps he should’ve tried what we like to try sunshine in a jar. 

Our Vitamin D supplement gummies that taste like candy and give you the vitamin D boost you need. 

Right here:



Not much to mention here in comparison to the other emails I’ve written. I just happen to not even mention the product name all. I have no reason not to, it’s just something I chose to do.

As for the story, this is a real story and it’s about a kid that was a couple of grades below me in elementary school.

I don’t know how he fares today, hopefully he fixed his issue.

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