If she’d only tried this supplement…

[Another email template for a supplement with redacted names. I may eventually use real names and products and make sure to emphasize that I’m not related with any of the brands or products. But for now, I’ll go the redacted route].


I once heard a heart-breaking story. 

A girl who had been working as a hairdresser and ran her own salon had to close her business. It was her dream and she now had to give up on it. 

She just couldn’t work anymore. 

Perhaps what made it even worse was the fact that she was an outstanding hairdresser. 

People just loved going to her. She did the best haircuts, pretty fast and the price wasn’t too bad either. 

Many people went to her mostly because of the great experience they’d get by going here. 

She’d cheer them up, chat with them and in general just give them a good time. 

So then you may ask, why did she have to quit? 

Not because of lack of customers, that’s for sure. 

Not the work hours either.

But because of something else that she didn’t know what to do anything about. 

A thing that in fact has ruined the life and business dreams of thousands. 

Physical overextertion. 

Plain and simple. Her joints started aching so much. Especially in her neck, her shoulders, her back and also her hands and wrists. 

At the end of each day her joints hurt so much, she could barely do anything. Cooking, cleaning and doing other mundane everyday tasks were almost out of the question. 

In other words, she suffered from heavy joint inflammation. 

And now she had to close her business. 

She was married and she and her husband had three kids. 

From what I know, her husband wasn’t doing too much, so it’s not like they had piles of money to pay for their house mortgage, their car loans, kindergarten fees and other expenses. 

In fact, if this girl could have kept her hairdresser dreams alive, I’m fairly sure she could’ve expanded her business and opened up several salons because that’s how good she was. 

Speaking of if…

XXX’s _______ ______ supplement contains curcuminoids, which are one of nature’s best kept antioxidants, that supports healthy inflammation response associated with physical overextension. 

Such as the ex-hair dresser’s heavily inflammated joints. 

I don’t know about you, but I’d be more than willing to give it a try if I were this girl and I didn’t want to give up on my dreams because of aching joints. 

If you have aching joints, here’s the link:



Basically, I tell a story, a real one, from my own life about what happened any why. I then go into speculation about if this were me, or the reader, this is what they should do.

Chances that there are several readers suffering from inflammated joints is quite high. Now not everyone work as a hairdresser. And not every reader is a woman or a girl. But this applies to men just as much as it does to women.

There are male hairdressers. And there are occupations that are mostly male dominated where suffering from physical overextertion is high. One example are construction workers, be it wielding, carpentry, plumbing and so on.

Then I highlight the pain of losing one’s job and with that the income. It’s further amplified by having kids that need to be fed and a husband who doesn’t bring in much money on his own.

By talking more about the pain associated with the joint inflammation and the consequences of such a pain and then quickly mentioning that the product in question contains an ingredient that’s associated with healing such an injury, I circumvent any compliance laws and potential lawsuits since I make sure NOT to make any health claims.

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