11 reasons why dieting sucks…

Let’s be honest. 

A lot of people who start dieting because they need to lose weight, fat or just get in shape, never get so far. 

In fact, the second week of February is when most people give in and break their promises. It’s still dark and cold outside, and preparing yet another meal according to strict guidelines where you have to measure ounces, weigh milligrams and track calories simply isn’t that fun…or appealing.

Not to mention time-consuming. Who knows how many hours you’d have to devote to make everything perfect.

And who can fault people who quit their resolutions?

After all it is difficult to eat healthy all the time, stay in shape and you know all the boring things that these fitness gurus claim they do. 

Here’s something that many of these Instagram gorgeous looking models and fitness freaks don’t have to go through…


Yeah, what about that? How many hours a day and how much time don’t you think these fitness models have for planning out and preparing their meals, then spend hours in the gym working out on exercises that are tailored to give them their exact version of a dream body. 

Do you see them running to and fro kindergarten every day? Or having to shuffle away snow in the driveway before they can even get to the car? Do they have to drive off to work and give presentations? What about going grocery shopping during rush hours? 

I bet you many of these fitness gurus would look anything like a fitness guru if they too had to do everything that an ordinary human being had to.

Listen, I’m not saying that you should completely ditch your diet and not care about what you’re putting in your body. Of course not. Your body needs to be taken care of. So don’t look at this is as an instruction to stuff yourself full of candy and sugary soft-drinks.

I’m just saying there are supplements out there that promote cardiovascular health. A lot of them contain antioxidants that battle free radicals. There’s also lots of vitamins and minerals that is good for your heart.

Do what your doctor tells you, but losing fat or getting in shape doesn’t mean you have to kill your food fascination.

I think you know where to go from here.

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