The Hyaluronic Acid Secret

One of the most painful sights I’ve ever seen was an older woman who was sitting on a bench and then attempted to walk over to an ATM. 

When I say “attempted”, that’s what I really mean. Because there wasn’t much movement in her joints. She was in many ways like a Zombie. Her body was one big lump of rebar. Immovable. Like a robot. Almost like it was stuck in place.

I could kind of spot it on her as she was getting ready to rise up. I was sitting right behind her, so it was kind of impossible not to see the major struggle she was going through. 

First, she started wiggling a little back and forth. You know when people are couch-dancing or sitting in a chair, cheering for their favorite team. The same kind of movements. Only they weren’t as intense, and there wasn’t anything to cheer for in her instance. 

She moved her buttock back and forth until she’d gathered enough momentum to lift herself up. In many ways it was comical to watch, but to her it was probably anything but comical.

As she elevated herself I could hear her knees squeak. It was that nasty kind of sound when you’re squeezing your fingers so that it sounds like your bones are breaking. 

Although I couldn’t see her face, her body language from behind revealed it all. She had to pause for a second and probably gather her thoughts and senses. 

Next, she attempted to walk over to the AMV that was right in front of her.

The distance must have been some 30 feet. Perhaps not even that. 

Believe me when I say it, I’ve never seen such stiff hips in my life.

It was as if she’d decided not to use her hips at all. Instead, her shoulders were wiggling to the left and to the right, as was her head.

The movement that her hips usually took care of, her upper body now had to do. 

Her hips were literally so stiff they were…locked! 

It was no longer painful to watch. 

It was atrocious. And there was nothing I could do. 

Finally, after spending 5 minutes or so doing something that should take 10 second maximum, she’d reached her destination and could now start withdrawing cash. 

I guess she must have spent a day’s worth of calories walking over to that ATM. 

And this brings me to the rub; 

A lot of elderly people struggle with stiff joints, particularly their hips. As they age, their tendons, ligaments and bones seem to almost fasten in place. The result is a stiff, rigid and sore body. Not to mention inability to do lots of things.

Even something as mundane as just rising up from a sitting position or walking a short distance is a dreaded task. 

And here’s something that you might didn’t know…

A lot of it comes down to a lack of lubrication. 

Your joints simply lack a lubricant to smoothen the movements and make it easier to use your body. It’s almost like engine oil. Your car engine needs oil to function, otherwise it will be destroyed. 

Well, the same almost holds true for your joints. 

They won’t get destroyed, but they surely will be rigid and will feel painful to use.

And the little secret to fix that problem is nothing else than an acid called hyaluronic acid. It supports joint lubrication and may be exactly what you need if you feel you have stiff and sore joints. This doesn’t mean that you should consume concentrated raw hyaluronic acid, of course.

However, look for a joint supplement that contains hyaluronic acid. A lot of times, that will do the trick.

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