Dripping gutter…wide open fire hydrant

I’m referring to how it feels like visiting the restroom before versus after taking a prostate supplement. 

Think about it the next time you’re attempting to take a leak, but all you manage to do is letting go of little droplets. It feels like you’re emptying maybe one thousandth of your bladder. And it hurts so bad. It stings. It’s like somebody put needles or knives in your urine that slice your penis open from inside.

If you recognize some or all of these symptoms and you are struggling with frequent restroom visits and it just won’t stop, chances are that you may have issues with your prostate. 

Such as for example this one young man that I recently heard of.

He was only 24 years old when he started experiencing problems with his urination pattern. 

It all began an evening at the local pub. He’d been drinking some beers and all of a sudden felt a sharp, stinging sensation in his penis. He needed to pee immediately. 

The pain got progressively worse during the evening and by the time he got home he had to pee in a bottle every thirty seconds or so!

The following days it didn’t exactly get any better. In fact, it got worse.

In got so bad that he had to stay in his room for the next four days, moving between his bed and his bathroom! 

While his friends were out partying and drinking, he was confined to sitting on the toilet, trying to relax his pelvic muscles and finding out what was actually wrong with him. Imagine if you’re a student at a university and you want to go out and have fun. But you can’t because your penis, your pelvic area, your waist and your lower back hurt so bad.

It’s such a terrible pain that you actually have to lay down and hope that it goes away soon.

Going back to our young lad, after awhile he couldn’t get an erection.

So sex was out of the question. 

And he had constant pain in his lower back. It felt like he had a vice around his waist. 

These are typical symptoms for people who have issues with their prostate, be it prostate cancer, chronic prostatis or simply an enlarged and inflammated prostate. 

Saw Palmetto in combination with selenium and pumpkin oil, amongst other ingredients can help you better your prostate health. In fact, many men who have struggled with an enlarged prostate or related problems say their lives have been completely changed after they started taking a prostate supplement.

And that’s all that needs to be said, really.

If you think about the following, it makes perfect sense for you to take a prostate health supplement:

You can eventually start to enjoy sex again. Peeing won’t hurt. And that pain in your lower back may disappear totally.

Sounds like a better life, doesn’t it?

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