Let’s talk about something embarrassing…

If you’re struggling with urinary issues, you know all too well how inconvenient and uncomfortable it can be…

Not to mention embarrassing…

Let’s say you and your better half have decided to have a ‘parents only evening’. 

You’ve chased the kids out of the House. It’s been a long time since you’ve been intimate together. 

But tonight that changes. Finally you’re going to have sex again! It’s been way too long since the last time because work and parenting has gotten in the way. Now, though, there’s nothing that can stop you.

But as you get physical in the bedroom and you make your move to get Lil’ Herbie up and dancin’, nature calls…

…again! You have to pee really bad! And it’s not one of those circumstances where you can kind of ignore the bladder pressure and get on with your thing. This is really serious and it means you cannot allow yourself to get distracted doing other things. Even if they’re pleasant.

Frustrated you have to abort your Mission and head for the restroom.

But as you attempt to take a leak, only little droplets of urine comes out of your penis.

There’s no stream! Even though you can feel your bladder is full and you need to let it out, nothing’s really passing through! 

And it hurts really bad every time to attempt to squeeze out anything.

Tonight’s love session is long gone, but so is your ability to pee like a normal human being.

Urinary issues can be a symptom of having an enlarged prostate. A lot more men than you think have this problem. But so few talk about it. Because it’s embarrassing. And that’s understandable. If you’re struggling to pee and it’s so bad you cannot even have sex, would you talk about it in public?

Probably not.

However, what has been seen in scientific studies is that many urinary issues stem from a lack of three core ingredients. These are beta-sitosterol to reduce urges to urinate, reishi mushrooms to help support healthy prostate functions and lycopene to help reduce your urinary tract symptoms.

Not only that, but Vitamin D is an essential ingredient for better blood health. If you pee blood, it could be due to lack of Vitamin D.

In short, there are probably manifold ways you could go about this, but one way I’d recommend, and this is of course in addition to checking with your doctor, is to take a prostate supplement. Most prostate supplements contain the three mentioned above ingredients as well as Vitamin D.

Your prostate health is important – don’t let frequent and painful restroom visits ruin your sex life.

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