Are you urinating blood? Then read this!

This might sound gross, but did you know that you have lots of bacteria in your gut? It’s a direct question and I understand if you prefer not to answer it. But the fact is, this could be the sign of something dangerous.

Did you also know that you actually need bacteria in order to help you with your digestion? Otherwise you may find yourself getting constipation and bloody stools. Bacteria is something that most people associate with disease and illness. And rightfully so. But, as it turns out, the lack of bacteria can also cause serious disease and illness.

And that is because some of these bacteria actually help your body produce Vitamin B12 and Vitamin K. 

If you bruise easily, you ooze from gums or your nose and you pass blood through either urine and/or stools, this may be a sign that you are vitamin K deficient. 

Vitamin K is important to your body because it helps blood to clot, it heals wounds and there’s even some research that suggests that vitamin K is associated with better bone health. 

That could be because you didn’t get those proper bacteria cultures in you when you were a kid. 

In fact, many newborn babies get a vitamin K shot, as long as their parents allow them to. But some mamas and papas may be a bit skeptic to the needle…

Could also be that your nutrition intake has been a bit off. Perhaps you’ve been eating foods that don’t give your body the proper nutrition it needs to produce vitamin K. If you snack a lot and drink lots of soft drinks, you may experience an increased risk of getting Vitamin K deficiency.

In order to combat this, you should take a supplement. There are many vitamin K boosting supplements out there, many of them with probiotic strains and other microbiomes that your body needs.

Make sure you double check with your doctor before you commit to taking a supplement though. And be patient. Change doesn’t happen overnight.

But it’s better to get started now than never.

After all it’s your life and your choice.

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