10 things that could cause your bones to crack

Let’s talk about a serious issue…

A lot of older people struggle during wintertime. Not necessarily because it’s cold or dark. But because it’s so slippery outside. 

And when it’s slippery and there’s a lot of ice, they fall. I’m sure you’ve seen what I’ve talking about. Perhaps you’ve experienced it yourself or any of your friends have. All you want to do is to walk outside for a bit. Just to get a breath of fresh air. Or perhaps to pick up the mail.

If you’re a senior citizen you know the dangers of falling. You may have osteoporosis or have begun developing it. Which means that your bones can easily crack. 

You know when you were younger, things like that really didn’t matter. You could fall and damage yourself, but nothing serious happened. If you broke something sure it would hurt and you’d need some time off and let the wound heal.

But your life wouldn’t become seriously affected by it.

Not so much today.

Imagine if you got a hip fracture. Today. And you didn’t know anyone that could do the grocery shopping for you, clean your house or wash the dirty laundry.

You literally become crippled right away. And disabled, in more than one way.

At best you’d be confined to using a crutch or a cane. Or perhaps a wheelchair. Well, at least you could move around. Although not as much. But what about if you’d get stuck in a hospital bed for long? And you’d have to undergo hip surgery. Perhaps they’d have to physically insert titanium plates and screw them into the rest of your bones? Who knows?

In fact, if your osteoporosis is really bad, it’s enough that you cough or even bend over sometimes…

That’s all it takes for your bones to break!

Imagine having to watch your sneeze or cough. Not to prevent spreading viral diseases, although that’s important. But, first and foremost, to prevent yourself from damaging yourself!

One of the reasons why many seniors struggle with frail bones is a lack of calcium. Calcium promotes bone strength. However, despite eating and drinking right, you still may be at risk of not getting enough calcium in your body. 

What I mean by that is that your body doesn’t absorb calcium properly. 

And when that happens, you may not get the bone strength that you require. 

Fortunately there are solutions. 

Many of these supplement contain 10 nutrients. They are;

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Potassium, Vitamin K2, Boron and Silicion. All of these 10 nutrients one way or the other support bone strength. Now, before you jump through the roof, it’s worth mentioning that you’re not automatically going to become super strong just by taking such a supplement.

You should also eat and diet right. As well as work out.

But, no harm has ever come from taking a supplement. Especially if you truly are a senior citizen and you don’t have strong enough bones to train.

Whatever works best for you, do it.

Just make sure that you get enough calcium.

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