Hilarious comic about a non-hilarious issue

I once read a hilarious comic.

However the contents of the comic is anything but hilarious, if you may recognize yourself.

A brief intro first:

I’ve forgotten the name of it. However, just speculating I believe it was called The Katzenjammer Kids. It’s a very old school comic going back to the early 1900s. It’s about two boys who do everything in their power to torment, bother and make their stepfather’s life miserable.

Their stepfather is a retired captain who likes to relax, not do any work and read papers all day long. Occasionally he smokes a cigar and drinks some booze.

Because he’s so lazy, the captain is quite fat. He’s got a large stomach that’s hanging well over his beltline and doesn’t appear to be fazed by that.

However what is he fazed by is his podagra that’s he’s struggling with. In fact he’s doing so bad that he many times has to sit in a chair or even a wheelchair because he can’t walk.

The boys, fully aware of this still intend to bug him.

In one particularly amusing instance, the boys had attached a crocodile’s head on top of a cane. They were sitting behind a fence. On the other side, the captain sat and was tormented by his podagra.

As you can guess, the boys put the cane with the crocodile’s head swiftly right in front of the captain, beside his bad foot.

Instantly as the captain was attempting to beat the crocodile in the head with his own cane, the boys removed the crocodile’s head.

Making the captain strike his podagra ridden foot with his own cane.

Of course that made him yell out in pain.

And I had a good laugh. Because it was a comic.

But, as you of course understand, podagra isn’t a funny thing. It’s nothing to joke about. It’s a vicious form of arthritis that is many times caused by inflammation in the foot. In many cases this inflammation is caused by a pile of free radicals that have logjammed themselves near a joint or a tendon.

The pile then exerts pressure on the joint causing inflammation.

Which then causes massive pain.

One of the ways to battle these free radicals that assemble in the body is by taking a vitamin C supplement. Your body needs vitamin C anyway and it’s a great antioxidant.

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