6 reasons why you struggle with muscle growth

If you’re actively working out and you don’t get the results you want, frustration doesn’t even begin to describe it.

I’m sure you know how it feels like…

All those hours in the gym you spend pushing yourself. All the time you use not even lifting, but waiting in line for someone to finish using the bench or the dumbbells. Not to mention all the hours that go by when you’re driving in traffic to get to the gym. Then find a suitable parking space, walk to the gym, get inside, get changed.

And when you’re done with the workout you have to repeat the procedure one more time. 3-4 hours easily go by.

And it’s all for nothing.

Your muscles don’t grow. No matter how hard you work out. You take weekly measurements of your biceps, triceps, thigs, cavs and all the other muscle groups you’re focused on. But that tape measurement you have doesn’t get a thousandth of an inch tighter.

No matter how intense and long the workouts are. No matter how many times you’ve defied your own resistance to go training.

It makes you so frustrated, because your diet is on point. No cheat days. No candy. No sugary soft drinks. Only healthy foods. All those times you could have caved in and had an unhealthy snack that probably wouldn’t have mattered that much, but you didn’t. Instead you stayed true to your diet.

What’s even worse, your friends and family look at you in awe when they see your disciplined lifestyle. 

But, no matter how much work you put in, results are missing. It’s like rolling a big rock up a steep hill, only for the rock to roll down again once you’re almost at the top. All that work, all that effort you put in…

…for nothing!

It feels like one big disappointment. A huge waste of your time. 

You know that there is SOMETHING wrong but you don’t know WHAT. And you’ve been franctically switching between this diet, the other diet, working out at different times during the day and much, much more.

But no matter how many things you’ve tried doing, it just doesn’t work. There is something that you can’t put your finger on.

However, there is something right here and now that I can put the finger on.

And that is, you’re not alone!

You see, many people have this issue.

They work out so hard, yet don’t seem to get muscle growth. For a multitude of reasons, they just don’t get the muscle growth that they desire.

Which brings me to the point.

One of the critical components for muscle growth is known as BCAAs – Branch Chained Amino Acids. These are the building bricks of several proteins that your body can’t do without.

In fact, if you don’t get these amino acids in your body, you can TOTALLY FORGET about muscle growth. 

Yes, they’re THAT important. 

But the problem is, you have to get them from elsewhere, since your body doesn’t produce them naturally. 

And in many cases, eating a protein rich diet just doesn’t cut it. 

You need an EXTRA SOURCE of BCAAs.

One of my personally recommended way to get that extra source of BCAAs is to use a supplement. Especially one that comes as a powder and that you just mix with water. It will be absorbed faster by your body so that you’ll get started right away with muscle growth.

Many people are skeptic to using supplements. And rightfully so. Some supplements can be potentially dangerous.

But there is comfort in knowing that most supplements you buy these days that are third party tested and hardly cause you any side effects.

Just think about it.

Isn’t it better to at least give a supplement a try for a month or to, to see if it helps you or not? Or is the thought of wasting your time at the gym that inviting?

If you’re physically active and this is an issue, then do yourself a favor.

Give yourself 60 days.

Pick a BCAA supplement and see how it can change your life.

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