Have cold feet? Then you should read this…

Do you remember a time when your feet were ice cold… to the point they actually hurt? 

Keeping you awake in bed, and every night slowly losing feeling?

Without that shelf by your bed to use for support, you would literally be stuck.

Scary, right?

This could happen to you if your fibromyalgia isn’t treated in time. 

It’s because the fibromyalgia literally severs apart the nerves in your toes. 

Leaving you crippled. 

Chained to the wheelchair for the rest of your life. 

Having cold feet with little feeling in them is an early symptom of fibromyalgia. 

Over time it will worsen.

Most CBD oils contain natural hemp which is known to boost the nerve system in the extremities such as toes. 

A couple of tablespoons a day is usually enough for a recommended dose.

You know what you should do.

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