A stroke horror story

I once heard a frightening story. 

A man who not long ago had married a woman and together they had a child, started acting a little weird. 

He would complain over headaches.

These headaches wouldn’t stop. 

So, he went to have a brain scan.

But doctors didn’t find anything unusual. 

Instead they suspected the man of drinking too much alcohol. 

Frustrated, the man went home and kept on enduring the horrible headaches. 

But things soon got worse…

One night, as he woke up from his headaches and walked around, he almost fell to the floor. 

In fact, he had trouble even getting up. 

His wife called for an ambulance and the man was rushed to the hospital and was induced in a coma for three weeks. 

When his wife and children and wife saw him again, they were terrified. 

He was sitting in a wheelchair. His whole right side of the body was paralyzed. He couldn’t move his right arm. 

In fact he couldn’t even speak. He just made funny “Ooooooh” and “Aaaaaaaah” sounds. 

Half of his mouth was open at all times with saliva trickling out.

He had suffered from a stroke and his life never became the same again.

High cholesterol levels in combination with other factors such as overweight, poor dieting, genetic causes and so on can cause stroke or other cardiovascular diseases. 

Curcumin has been shown to lower cholesterol levels in the body.

However, simply taking a curcumin supplement is far from enough. Go see your doctor (who hopefully doesn’t swat you on your ass, simply suspecting high alcohol dosages) and get your diet right.

After all, this is about your health and how you don’t want any strokes.

If you read this and you are at risk, this may be your chance.

Don’t sleep on it.

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