6 signs you may have high cholesterol

A lot of people struggle with high cholesterol levels.

Especially during these recent Covid-19 times, the number of people who have stopped exercising regularly because their gym closed and rather decided to snack and watch Netflix has increased a lot. Especially among younger people from age 20-34.

Now you may be thinking that snacking a little here and snacking a little there isn’t all that dangerous.

And that’s true. If you occasionally have a chocolate, some ice cream and cookies, but you otherwise eat healthy and you exercise regularly, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

However, if you actually have been putting on weight lately, you have started to drink more alcohol than normally and you don’t care whether you have chocolate or chicken for dinner today, chances might be that you have increased cholesterol in your body.

According to Healthline, here are 6 symptoms that could indicate that you have too much HDL cholesterol:

  1. Angina, chest pain
  2. Nausea
  3. Extreme fatigue
  4. Shortness of breath
  5. Pain in the neck, jaw, upper abdomen, or back
  6. Numbness or coldness in your extremities

Chances are you sometimes experience back pains. In fact, you’d be an abnormal person if your back doesn’t hurt every now and then. However, if you’ve been putting on weight lately, you’ve been snacking and drinking a lot of alcohol, you’re feeling nauseatic a lot of times, and perhaps your fingers and toes and cold, chances might be you have too high HDL cholesterol levels.

And that could mean that you’re headed for way more complex and dangerous conditions like a heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases.

But, let’s say you’ve been eating healthy. You’ve cut down on the booze, the sugar and the processed carbohydrates and microwaved foods.

You also exercise regularly, but you still have high cholesterol levels.


Well, you could be one of those unlucky people who are genetically predisposed to having high cholesterol in your body.

In fact, I know about several people from my personal life who suffers from such complications and I’ve even heard about people who died from high cholesterol levels who otherwise weren’t overweight and didn’t eat a lot of bad food.

Keep in mind though, this happened way back in the old days when they didn’t have any health supplements or knew much about dieting and living a healthy life.

This means that although they didn’t have weight issues, they still could be living an unhealthy life because of bad sleeping habits, malnutrition, poor air quality and a lot of stress in life.

Of course, the reasons for why some people get high cholesterol levels and others don’t are way more complex than just listing out 6 symptoms.

However, if you do experience several of these symptoms, chances are you may want to look over your diet and take a health supplement.

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